Can I send more than one package at a time?
  • Yes you may. If you have more than one package going to the same location, email us for a special quote. You may want to consider signing up to one of our monthly subscription packages to receive up to 30% off our regular prices.
Can I send a package that weighs more than 5lbs
  • Yes we will happily collect any package over 10lbs but there is a premium charge of $0.25 added for every additional pound.
What happens if the business I am delivering my package to is closed?
  • Our Speedelivery Guys can leave the package in a relatively safe spot at the door of the business at your initial request but otherwise they will return the package to our facility to hold overnight and make a second attempt the following day.* If we are required to make an additional attempt there will be an additional charge of $20 to your account.
  • Our Speedelivery Guys storage is not equipped for long term storage of goods therefore after a second attempt at delivery you will have the option of having your package returned for an additional $10 charge or having it discarded 3 days after our initial delivery attempt.

* Please note that due to the nature of our business our drivers can not stand by or wait for the recipient to arrive if they are away from the drop off location and any drop off attempt that was unsuccessful due to lack of recipient will automatically be sent back to our storage location and will accrue an additional $10 charge.

How is my order tracked?
  • Once your delivery order is confirmed you will receive an email notification that your delivery has been scheduled within an hour or so. You will also receive a notification when your item is in transit and once it is delivered.
Do you deliver animals?
  • Unfortunately we do not deliver animals at this time.
Do you deliver on holidays?
  • Our Speedelivery Guys are happy to deliver on holidays for an extra $20 surcharge per package.
Do you take cash?
  • We feel that the best way to serve with integrity is to accept all payments through a trackable system such as online. That way everyone is clear on the payments and everyone is protected. We offer payment options through credit card, paypal or etransfer. If for some reason you prefer booking over the phone, we will send you your confirmation by email or sms.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us directly at contact@speedeliveryguys.com

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